1. The key: biological discreteness 2. Core math 3. The model of the spread of cancer cells 4. Tumor size and cancer mortality (the SizeOnly equation)
5. Tumor size and cancer in the nodes (the NodalSizeOnly equation) 6. How to tell whether a prognostic factor truly makes a contribution to lethality (SizeAssessment method) 7. Integrating tumor size and number of positive nodes into estimates of death (the Size+Nodes method) 8. Quantifying each prognostic factor's contribution to lethality (the Prognostic Measurement method)
9. Combining tumor size, nodal status, and other prognostic factors into predictions of death (the Size+Nodes+ PrognosticFactors [SNP] method) 10. Why the spread of cancer cells does not require a mutation 11. The impact of delay on cancer survival 12. A model of cancer screening